87-Year Old is Still Ski Racing | Still Has Every Pair of Skis he’s Ever Owned

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Avid skier, 87-year old George Raham, has every pair of skis he has ever owned in his ‘ski cellar’. For 82 years, he’s been skiing and racing — and collecting more than 60 pairs of skis along the way. He’s never thrown a pair out, so they’re all gathered in what he calls his “ski basement”, reports CBC.

“I’m still strong on my skis. I feel a lot younger. You know, I’m better on my skis than I am on my feet walking around,” he told CBC. “It still gives me the thrill I got 80 years ago.”

For 82-years he has maintained his love of the sport, still racing regularly, with two races planned for this season. He manages to hit the slopes upward of 50 times each winter at Norquay, Canada.

racing, George Raham
Every ski he’s owned over the last 82-years is in his basement. Credit: CBC

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