Ranked According to Instagram – 9 of the Most Photographed Mountains in the US

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Image: Million Mile Secrets

An article by Reader’s Digest listed the 9 most photographed mountains in the United States, but how was this measured? There are countless amazing mountains in the US alone! We decided to organize the same list according to the number of posts each mountain has linked to its name on Instagram.

#glaciernationalpark – 531,738 posts 

Glacier National Park is a vast 1,583 square miles of peaks, lakes, and forests located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Whether you are hiking, cycling, backpacking, or just passing through, you may see moose, lynxes, grizzly bears, or mountain goats.

Glacier National Park. Image: Thousand Wonders

#mtrainier – 507,492 posts

Rising to 14,411 feet above sea level, the active volcano located southeast of Seattle, WA earns the title of the tallest peak in Washington, as well as the highest in the PNW Cascade Range. 

Mt. Rainier. Image: Mt. Rainier Guests Services

#grandtetons – 235,929 posts

The Grand Tetons, located in Wyoming, is a series of majestic peaks that rise abruptly out the flat landscape. The surrounding national park offers miles of trails for hiking and exploring, along with access to many other outdoor activities.

Grand Tetons National Park. Image: Gypsy Guide

#mtbaker – 175,783 posts

Mt. Baker, WA and Vancouver, BC.

Also an active volcano, Mt. Baker sits at 10,718 feet and is located in Northern Washington. The area is home to one of the best ski resorts in the US and receives an average of 641 inches of snowfall each year!

#mtshasta – 125,456 posts

Mt. Shasta is located in California and has a summit elevation of 14,179 feet, making it the second highest peak in the Cascade Range. A fun fact about Mt. Shasta- it is said that the mountain is a hotbed of paranormal activity and that the lenticular clouds that sit atop the summit approximately 60 days per year are cover for alien spacecraft entering and exiting the mountain.

Lenticular cloud over Mt. Shasta. Image: The California Sun

#maroonbells – 106,948 posts

These beautiful “fourteeners” are located just outside of Aspen, CO, and there is no doubt as to why they are on this list. The still water of Maroon Lake, the changing colors of the surrounding aspen trees, and the jagged protruding peaks create a stunning landscape.

Maroon Bells. Image: SnowBrains

#denalinationalpark – 85,656 posts

aka #mtmckinley – 11,283 posts 

Total: 96,939 posts

This Alaskan mountain sits at 20,310 feet and is the highest mountain in North America. The park is home to six million acres of wild land, including around 12,000 lakes and glaciers and countless wild animals. This is not a mountain to try to climb alone or as an inexperienced mountaineer.

Denali (Mt. McKinley). Image: RMI Guides

#greatsmokymountains – 36,355 posts

This mountain range in Tennessee and North Carolina is home to a vast variety of waterfalls, peaks, forests, and wildlife, and countless trails are accessible to all ages and ability levels.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Image: Omni

#mtelbert – 17,368 posts

Mt. Elbert sits just outside the city of Leadville in Colorado and is the tallest peak in the state. While it is #1 on the list of the 53 “fourteeners” in Colorado, no special mountaineering skills are required to summit this giant. However, good physical fitness is a must!

Couple gets married atop Mt. Elbert. Image: CBS Denver

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