95-Year Old WWII Veteran Just Set Off to Run Across the United States

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In 2016, veteran Ernie Andrus became the oldest person to run across the country, from California to Georgia. Now at 95, he will start a new journey. Last weekend, World War II veteran Ernie Andrus, began his long journey west from Saint Simons Island, GA to San Diego, CA ~2,600 miles away.

At 95 years old Andrus expects his adventure to take him five years, so he should finish when he turns 100. From 2013 to 2016, Andrus ran the opposite direction, from California to Georgia, averaging about 18 miles per week. Since he’s a little slower now, Andrus anticipates he can cover up to 13 miles per week this time.

Why you might ask? He’s raising money for a memorial for a WWII ship used to land troops and equipment on beaches. And there’s absolutely no reason why he can’t achieve this. He sure has no doubts:

“I’ve got all the runs planned clear up to 2025,” he said.

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