This 98-Year-Old Legend Makes Health and Happiness Look Easy

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Still Skiing
Klaus still skis to this day and obviously loves it. Image:

Next time you are feeling lazy, let Klaus Obermeyer, the CEO and Founder of Sport Obermeyer motivate you.  At 98 years young, Obermeyer is active, skis, and owns the company he started in 1947.  The Obermeyer story beats many of the health and lifestyle crazes out there.  Plus, he makes it looks so simple.

“Obermeyer swims half a mile, practices akido, bikes, lifts weights, and stretches.”

You rarely find someone who does all those things, let alone a 98-year-old.  There are officially no more excuses to not be active.

Obermeyer models
Obermeyer revolutionized the fashion of the ski industry. Image: Sport Obermeyer

Obermeyer gladly shares his secrets to success.

“If you are not active, you are usually not alive, so I believe in continuously staying active.”

He never misses a day, eats balanced meals, and drinks a lot of water.  Obermeyer embraces the most essential parts of health and happiness.

And most importantly, he tells people “always remember to be happy and enjoy life”

Sport Obermeyer has come a long way from his first jacket made from his mothers cut up quilt, but the continuous happiness from Klaus stays the same.  According to his biography on the Sport Obermeyer site,

“He comes into work five days a week with a smile and hello to each and every employee.  Klaus is a true legend in the ski industry.  His enthusiasm is contagious, his energy seemingly endless, and his optimism is without bounds.  To hear him yodel is to experience the elation within his soul and to watch him ski is to witness the true love for the sport.”

Obermeyer today
Obermeyer continues to be one of the most successful technical clothing brands. Image: Sport Obermeyer

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