A 2,900 Mile Bike Path Will Bring You From Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida

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The East Coast Greenway! PC: Eco Watch

According to the East Coast Greenway Alliance, a 2,900 mile long bike path will take you from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida and it’s called the East Coast Greenway. The path will allow non-motorized users to venture through 25 cities and 16 states. Walkers, cyclists, runners, and other active-transportation users will be able to travel on a continuous, firm, and paved greenway with a route that was designed to alleviate traffic for Greenway users. The Greenway will provide access to public transportation as well as points of interest that are encountered along the way.

“Our route has been chosen to provide the traveler with an ever-changing, interesting and scenic landscape, whether urban, suburban, small town, industrial or rural,” East Coast Greenway Alliance states on its website.

The trail! PC: East Coast Greenway Alliance

The East Coast Greenway Alliance has been pushing for trail construction since the early 1990’s, but it wasn’t until last year that the project picked up some momentum. Trail construction relies on local development, giving each state or locality ownership over their stretch of the path. The separate pieces will then be connected to complete the Greenway. Currently, about one third of the Greenway has been constructed. The East Coast Greenway Alliance plans to add complementary and branching routes to the project in the future.

“It’s about seeing America at the right speed, where you can take in all of the culture around you. And you don’t have a windshield between yourself and the community,” Dennis Markatos-Soriano, alliance executive director, told City Lab.

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