A Blast From the Past: Kemper Snowboards are Making a Comeback

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The return of Kemper Snowboards, one of the original three revolutionary board companies. Credit: FortuneBurg

Kemper snowboards were a major contributing factor to the revolution of snowboarding back in the late 80s and early 90s alongside Burton and SIMS. Unfortunately, Kemper Snowboards discontinued production in 1994 after being sold to an in-line skate company and has been coasting under the radar until recently.

Jib Hunt, former professional snowboarder and graphic designer for Burton, acquired the trademark and copyrights for Kemper in 2017 and has now begun full production after the brand’s 25-year hiatus. Hunt owned the Kemper Rampage as his second snowboard when he was 13 years old living North Conway, New Hampshire and now wishes to rejuvenate the brand and bring back the roots of snowboarding with it. He also wants to push the brand back to the top and become a big player in excelling future snowboard construction, graphics, technology, and shape.

Retro Kemper Snowboards
Snowboarders showing off the bases of their Kemper boards with perfect fashion Credit: ReddyYeti

Park City, Utah is the new home for Kemper Snowboards and Hunt believes it will be a great home base for the company.  Corner Sports Ski & Snowboard Rental Shop, at the base of Park City Mountain Resort, has already agreed to have a pop-up shop for the brand, providing great exposure for Kemper. The snowboards will also be sold on the Kemper website and a few other retailers in Canada and Vermont this coming season.

“I’ve always wanted to get back to working in the snowboard industry,’ Hunt said. “This is the perfect scenario to do everything I like and put it all into one company.”

The return of a long-lost brand can be difficult but considering these boards have been being sold and traded online for many years the market for the brand is obviously still out there. Target consumers will include snowboarders in their 30s, 40s, and 50s that were riding when this brand was first around and Hunt also hopes the unique shapes, graphics and colors will appeal to younger riders of this generation. Check out a full interview with Hunt explaining his goals and reasoning for bringing life back to this awesome brand on Snewsnet.com and keep your eyes open for these retro boards lighting up the slopes this winter.

Kemper retro quiver
Good looking quiver of unique Kemper snowboards. Credit: BDoutdoors.com

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