A Christmas Miracle: California Woman Found Alive After a Cold Night Missing on Mt. Bachelor

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Photo: Mt. Bachelor Sunrise Cam

A 30-year-old California woman has been found alive and well after spending a cold Christmas night on the Volcano!  This news was certainly un-expected after Ashley Gingerich, 30, of Grass Valley, CA was found this morning by Deschutes County SAR.  Volunteers, alongside Deschutes County Sherrif’s Office, located her and walked her out of the trees of Mt. Bachelor this morning!

Gingerich was reported missing around 5:00 pm Christmas day when she didn’t report in with her group yesterday evening.  According to Barney Lerten of KTVZ.com, News Channel 21 of Bend, Oregon, search and rescue teams searched long and hard, with the help of local skiers, well into the evening hours on Christmas, and resumed again this morning.

Ashlee reportedly crashed part of the way down her final run through the trees late Wednesday afternoon, where she then removed her skis and poles, fell asleep, and then continued her descent via ski boots after a nap in the Deschutes County wilderness.  

Alcohol was reportedly involved, but please don’t be quick to judge!  We’ve all had a little too much to drink at times, and we are certainly just glad that this lesson teaching story ended up very positive!  I certainly hope a lot can be learned from this near tragedy.  If you do choose to drink on the mountain, just remember, if you’re over the limit to drive, you’re definitely over the limit to ski or ride.  Be respectful of others and their safety.  Always call an Uber or Lyft if you’ve had too much at Apres so we can all live to enjoy another day on the slopes!

Lerten also added that Ashlee Gingerich, 30, of Grass Valley, Calif., “walked in, is ambulatory and walking out with staff,” Lt. Bryan Husband, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue coordinator, told NewsChannel 21 just after 9 a.m.

Thanks to all involved in bringing Ashlee home safe to her family this holiday season!  Your dedication to saving lives and all your hard work really don’t go un-noticed this Christmas!  Bravo Ladies, Gentlemen, and Pups!  We all hope to show our sincere gratitude for your efforts!

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6 thoughts on “A Christmas Miracle: California Woman Found Alive After a Cold Night Missing on Mt. Bachelor

  1. Wow, Grass Valley/Nevada City skier here.
    Don’t know her but it’s good she is all right.

    I hold the drinking till done skiing, as should most.

  2. Apparently she got drunk in the middle of a ski day and crashed and fell asleep? And put all the Search and Rescue folks in harms way looking for her Christmas night. Not judging but..

    1. Yes, you should judge .. irresponsible behavior put others at risk and inconvenienced many people that would have rather been enjoying Christmas Evening elsewhere. Not to mention, if you’re that drunk on the ski slope, you’re a hazard to other skiers just as drunk drivers are hazardous to other drivers. I don’t have a problem with drunks as long as they don’t endanger others.

  3. Too much alcohol!! Crashed because she was drunk, passed out under a tree. Not a Miracle. More close to a Darwin award winner.

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