A Park City, UT Season Pass May or May NOT Work Next Winter…

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Do you wish your season pass came with this kinda lingo attached to it?

Park City Mountain Resort is confident it will operate business as usual for the 2013-14 season, its 50th anniversary. Talisker Land Holdings, its landlord, has stated publicly numerous times that it will not interfere with Park City Mountain Resort’s ability to operate. In the unlikely event the Resort is forced to close for the 2013-14 season, the Resort will refund the full season pass price paid by holders of 2013-2014 season passes. If the Resort is forced to close for a portion of the 2013-2014 season, the Resort will prorate the refund based on the period the Resort is closed.” – Park City Mountain Resort

Park City from the air.
Park City town and ski resort from the air.

Ah, how we all love litigation in the ski industry.  Park City sued their landlord, Taliskier, last year over a large increase in lease fees.  The litigation is still tied up in court.  If Park City loses the case, you’re season pass may stop working immediately.  That means that your season pass to Park City might work next season or it might not.

This is the second year that a Park City season pass has come with language stating that the ski area may or may not be open in the coming season.  They’ll certainly give you a pro-rated refund, but it’s scary thinking the your home mountain might not even open next year due to what a buncha lawyers are doing behind closed doors.

In reality, it’s likely all just talk.  Closing the ski resort would clearly be bad for both parties involved and would be devastating to the town’s economy.

Park City is Utah'sbe
Park City is Utah’s best city.


– Taliskier wants Park City to enter a new lease where Park City pays a lot more money to lease their land.  

– Park City doesn’t want to enter the new lease, they want to keep their existing lease that is very cheap.

– Park City leases 2,800 acres from Taliskier for $155,000 per year.  That’s real cheap.

– The Canyons in Utah leases 4,000 acres for $3 million per year from Wolf Mountain Resorts.

– Park City & Taliskier have been negotiating these lease terms for 3 years.

– Park City has had this lease since the 1960s when they leased it from United Park City Mines.  Their lease has more or less remained the same since 1971.

Park City is in Utah, so they get the deep, blower pow just like the other guys.
Park City is in Utah, so they get the deep, blower pow just like the other guys.

PCMR in the spring of 2012 filed a lawsuit against the Talisker Corp. firm centered on the resort’s lease of land under the control of Talisker Land Holdings, LLC. Much of the land where the resort operates is leased from the Talisker Corp. firm. The dispute centers on whether the lease was renewed properly. A Third District Court judge in November dismissed key parts of the lawsuit. The case remains active.”Park Record

We hope Park City and Taliskier can get this figured out quick as no skier nor rider should have to purchase a season pass that may or may not work in the coming winter.  Skiers and riders base their entire winter around where they are going to ride and how often.  To take that joy and turn it into doubt is a burden none of us should have to deal with.

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