A Review of the 2018 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO

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GoPro Mountain Games Logo. Credit: Mountain Games

This past weekend, Vail hosted the GoPro Mountain Games. The GoPro Mountain Games is a four day event (Thursday thru Sunday) that celebrates summer mountain activities and culture. According to GoPro, the games kick off the first or second weekend of June, have more than 25 events, and over 70,000 spectators.

The water sports venue. Credit: instagregoh

The games are for everyone! While there are tons of professional athletes competing in various sports, there are also plenty of events for the public to sign-up and participate in. Some of the most notable events to watch (in my opinion) are speed bouldering, slackline, and freestyle kayaking. People can participate in an enduro bike race, 5k run, yoga, and many other events for children t o participate in.

Backflip on a slackline? Why not! Credit: instagregoh

By far, my favorite event to watch are the dock dogs events. This event brings in hundreds of fans, both two & four legged, and is the pinnacle of the games. Dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes compete in three different events in which a dog races off a dock and jumps into a pool. One is long jump, where owners throw an item from a dock and judges measure how far the dog jumps. Another is the high jump, where a toy is dangled up at various heights for the dog to leap for. Last is a duel, where two dogs race to the end of the pool for a toy.

People lining up for dueling dock dogs. Credit: instagregoh

Don’t want to get athletic? There is still tons of stuff to do! Aside from all of the Vail amenities, there is always fantastic live music, this year there was a silent disco, and tons of vendor tents that showcased various gear for mountain activities. P.S. this year they had FREE whiskey tastings!

Overall, tons of sun, fun and activities for the whole weekend! 




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