Abandoned (movie) Skiing The Remains of Old Colorado Ski Hills

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New documentary seeks to explore the remains of Geneva Basin Ski Area. According to Colorado Ski History, it was originally named Indianhead after the English family who developed Indianhead ski area in Michigan. It first opened in the early 1960s, but had financial issues due to the underdeveloped state of the access road on Guanella Pass. It exchanged hands of owners through out the years and in the process the maintenance of the ski hill fell behind. in 1984, a char on the Duck Creek lift fell off from the cable and the Colorado Tramway Board was forced to shut the ski area down until proper maintenance was done.

An old trail map of Geneva Basin. Credit: Backcountry Coalition

The ski hill has been the subject of countless revival attempts. After the ski hill exchanged ownership from the 60s into the 80s, a new owner stepped in and replaced the old Duck Creek Lift, and then ran into further financial strain while installing a new high speed lift. In the 90s, a proposal was drafted for the Forrest Service to operate the ski area. It needed about 2-3 million dollars in initial maintenance, would bring 20-30 jobs, and was to be called Alpine Valley. Alpine Valley was to be financed by tax dollars, but unfortunately was rejected on the bill by 2:1 opposition.

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