VIDEO: Exploring Abandoned Nevele Grande Ski Resort, NY

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A video exploring the abandoned Ski Resort and Grande Hotel, Nevele Grande Ski Resort in New York. The Nevele is located in a valley just to the west of the Shawangunk Mountains, between two small lakes.

The Nevele Grande Hotel was established in 1901 near Ellenville, NY, and was one of the famous Borscht Belt resorts located in the Catskills.

The campus included an 18-hole golf course, a 9-hole golf course and a ski slope which have since fallen into disrepair. The hotel buildings remain, falling apart and with no future of reuse. The resort closed officially in 2009 due to financial troubles. Today, there are plans to tear down the remaining structures on the property and turn it into a sports complex.

abandoned resort, nevele, New York
The Nevele Grande Hotel and resort, NY

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Exploring Abandoned Nevele Grande Ski Resort, NY

  1. Calling Nevele a ski resort is a bit of a stretch. As far I can tell it had 1 lift serving 1 trail, and that trail ran alongside the golf course so it couldn’t have had much of a slope.

  2. We celebrated our Honeymoon at the Nevele. We were married in
    January 12, 1958. This January we will be married 63 years.
    It has been a wonderful marriage. We

  3. Congratulations for having finally got into the NEVELE’s Main Building. I thouroughly enjoyed the whole video. I worked as a bus-boy at the Nevele in 1975-1976 and it’s heart-rendering to see to much waste and destruction. It had hopes you’d get into the DINING ROOM which was gigantic… that’s the place I worked most of the time. I wish there was a time-machine to go back then. Thanks for doing the video.

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