Age Is Just A Number – 96 Year Old Fort Hood Instructor Celebrates Birthday On The Slopes

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Picture of John Samuelson skiing
96-Year-old John Samuelson skiing.

John Samuelson, a former Mount Hood ski instructor, began skiing at age 40 and is still carving the slopes today at the age of 96. He became a ski instructor at Mount Hood meadows at the age of 60 and still claims it as his home mountain. Samuelson is regarded by many for bringing the mountain the success it has experienced through his 25 years of dedication and instruction.

On January 24th, John spent his 96’th birthday carving the slopes of Mount Hood while still, surprisingly, focusing on his technique. The weather during the day wasn’t the best and visibility was low. However, John was still up for the challenge. People that know him talk of his love for the mountain while also mentioning how dedicated he is to skiing to the best of his ability.

Mount Hood Meadows Trail Map
Trail Map Of Mount Hood Meadows.

John Samuelson is a family man, World War II veteran, and beloved friend by many who frequent the slopes at Mount Hood meadows. John’s daughter-in-law noted how he only likes to “do things right” and that carries over into his skiing. For John, carving powder is better than a slice of cake any day of the week.

Base of Mount Hood Meadows Resort
Mount Hood Meadows Resort| 

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