Aerosize Vest ONE – The World’s First Certified Avalanche Airbag Vest

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Aerosize recently released the ‘Vest ONE’, the world’s first certified avalanche airbag vest.

Avalanche airbags have been proven to be lifesavers for those unlucky enough to be caught in an avalanche, but traditional avalanche airbags are big, bulky, heavy, and unwieldy pieces of kit.

Aerosize hopes to change that, with the introduction of their Vest ONE. You can now carry the extra protection afforded by an airbag in a considerably smaller package.

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The Vest ONE. Credit: Aerosize

The Vest ONE utilizes an innovative deployment mechanism in which gas cartridges first inflate the central chamber, and outside air is subsequently drawn in to fill the remaining volume. As such, the hardware itself has been made markedly more compact than traditional backpack designs, encircling your neck and fastening under the arms much like a life preserver. The Vest ONE is so small and compact, it’s also compatible with regular backpacks – you can wear both simultaneously.

The Vest ONE meets TÜV SÜD equipment standards, so expands to the requisite 174L capacity.

The Vest ONE is available now for $900.

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