Alaska Storm as Strong as Category 3 Hurricane Making Landfall Today

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image: noaa, today
image: noaa, today

A huge storm is hitting Alaska right now with winds as high as 122mph.  This would be a category 3 hurricane if it were tropical.

A Blizzard Warning is in effect for the Kenai Penninsula where some of the best skiing in the world lives.

“A major storm is moving through the Bering Sea. This infrared image was captured by a polar-orbiting satellite Saturday afternoon. Here are the “stats” on this system as of 4am Sunday morning. The sting jet wrapping into the center of the low is a localized area of the most intense winds. It was responsible for a 122 mph gust reported at Adak Island. To give some perspective, this is equivalent to a category 3 hurricane. The highest seas were recorded on buoy 46072 and the lowest pressure was recorded by buoy 46618. This will remain a very strong storm through Sunday as it tracks north into the Bering Strait.” – NOAA Anchorage, AK today

Satellite image at 8am pst today.
Satellite image at 8am pst today.  image:  noaa, today
RED = Blizzard Warning today.
RED = Blizzard Warning today.  image:  noaa, today
NOAA's "TV Forecast" for AK today. image: noaa, today
NOAA’s “TV Forecast” for AK today. image: noaa, today


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