Skiers 43% More Likely to Be Involved in a Crash if They’ve Been Drinking Alcohol

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A new study has revealed that over 1,000 Brits a day get injured on ski holidays after consuming alcohol. The study by Direct Line said skiers are 43 percent more likely to be involved in a crash after drinking, with 3.8 million reporting injuries on the slopes that were a direct result of consuming alcohol beforehand, reports the Independent.

5.3 million British skiers admitted to having a drink while on the slopes, drinking an average of 6.1 units of alcohol – the equivalent of three glasses of wine. Almost one million skiers claimed to drink more than 10 units (over five glasses of wine). Most added that their injuries were minor, but 42 percent said it prevented them from skiing for the rest of their trip.

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Direct Line then conducted an experiment to understand how drinking can affect a person’s ability to ski. They asked experienced skiers to complete ski runs (on a simulator), then gave them varying amounts of alcohol, then asked them to complete the runs again. They found a large increase in the likelihood of crashing after drinking six units of alcohol and that even drinking just three units (one and a half glasses of wine) impacted the confidence and decision making of the participants.

“The number of people reporting accidents on ski slopes as a result of drinking and skiing in recent years is quite alarming. We know that skiing is very much a social holiday, however, we want people to enjoy themselves safely. Our practical experiment showed how just a small amount of alcohol can affect decision making. When traveling at 60 miles per hour, it only takes a split second to make a mistake which could cause a serious injury to either yourself or someone else on the slopes,” said the head of travel insurance at Direct Line, in a statement.

The study also revealed that participants who had drunk three units of alcohol spent 53 percent more time veering off-piste than those who were sober.

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  1. Oh this is a news flash? I see people drinking alcohol in the ski bars at 11:00 am. I see people drinking and smoking dope on the chair lifts and in the gondola’s. Not only are these idiots skiing with me these fools will also be driving in a few short hours. Booze and drugs do not belong on the slopes. The ski industry has got to take a tougher stance on this.

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