Colorado Governor Bans All Alcohol Sales After 10pm to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

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The last call for alcohol is now 10 pm in Colorado. Credit: Yutacar | Unsplash

To slow down the spread of coronavirus among young people in Colorado, Governor Jared Polis yesterday put a hold on any alcohol sales after 10 pm. Last call in Colorado is currently 2 am.

The Governor claims that alcohol consumption at parties and social gatherings has been the biggest cause of the recent spread of the virus among the 20-29-year-old demographic. Not that alcohol specifically spreads the virus, but that the resulting inebriation results in people relaxing their social distancing behaviors.

“You need to do what you can to make sure that we don’t let our judgment lapse on social distancing because we’re inebriated.”

– Colorado Governor Jared Polis

The order applies to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores and comes into effect at 9 am on Thursday.

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Colorado Governor Jared Polis. Credit:

Many local bars and restaurant owners are not happy with the decision, with at least one planning to sue to try and block the order.

“We’re extremely disappointed in this order. This is a major blow to an industry that is already suffering gravely. We’d like to see the data that backs up this decision, especially as it’s our understanding that restaurants account for just 4% of the outbreaks in this state.”

– Denver restaurant owner

Earlier this week the Governor issued a statewide mandate requiring all citizens to wear a mask when in indoor public spaces. The order came into effect Friday 17th July, and lasts until August 15th, at least.

41,059 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Colorado, and 1,763 people have died with the disease.

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  1. Soooo, you’re only susceptible to the virus after 10pm? And if folks hangout in a bar BEFORE 10pm they’re ok? The governor doesn’t think folks will just drink more before Last Call? Is anyone paying attention?

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