All Norway Ski Movie Trailer: “Head Straight”

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Here at SnowBrains we learned a ton about skiing in Norway this past Spring via our good buddy Zach Paley who spent 2 months out there skiing and working on a boat.  His images were spectacular and his trip was unforgettable.  Since Zach’s post, we’ve wanted to learn more about skiing in Norway.

This trailer gives us some more of that incredible big mountain Norway skiing, albeit, maybe not enough.  It does appear that it’s mostly a jib movie, which is what you’d expect from a Norweigen ski movie.  Nonetheless, this flick appears to be very well made and it’s great to see ski movies coming out of Norway.

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“For every season there is a story to tell. These stories mean just as much to the sport as the riding itself and can make or break the overall experience. Behind each shot is a name, a talent and a tale of success, struggle and heart. Just as the snowflakes we worship, no two stories will ever be the same. This is ours.

“Head Straight” is an exploration of Chaoz Productions’ sixth season of movie making. With the introduction of new riders and the return of familiar ones comes a tale triumph over every terrain Norway has to offer. From big mountain and backcountry lines to urban hits and big park features, each rider adds a new piece to the puzzle.” – Chaoz Productions

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