All-Time Highest Temperature Ever Tied in Salt Lake City, UT Yesterday

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107°F. That was the temperature recorded at the Salt Lake City International Airport yesterday, June 15, 2021.

Only twice in the past 147 years of record-keeping in Salt Lake City has the Utah capital witnessed a temperature so high. Once in July of 1960 and again in July of 2002.

For now, the record remains tied at 107ºF. But will the record be broken? And if so—when?

Here are the top 20 warmest days on record during the month of June at the SLC Airport (records began in 1874):

Photo courtesy of NOAA 6/24/21

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6 thoughts on “All-Time Highest Temperature Ever Tied in Salt Lake City, UT Yesterday

    1. Man made climate change was first mentioned in the scientific community in the 1800’s and has been mainstream science for 50 years

      1. According to the scientific community temperatures have been changing throughout Earth’s history and life has somehow managed to adapt and survive. Despite this multimillion year track record it has now become an “Emergency” for the sake of TV ratings and political expediency. Despite the alleged “Emergency” it is on the Western World to fix everyone’s problems while major polluters like India and China are giving free passes continue their practices because they are “Emerging” economies and need a chance to catch up to the rest of the world with their economic prowess. Yes it all makes sense. Its all very scientific, equitable and follows common sense. Cheer to you smart sir. You have all the answers.

        1. Yeah no shit it’s fluctuated Boomer, but normally over the course of many, many, many years, not a single human lifetime like it is now.

          1. I know I make you sad. You’d be really sad to find out I’m a millennial. Actually a very educated, well read and financially very successful millennial. I have a Masters in Science of Finance and Economics, an undergraduate degree in History and a couple million in net worth. My future and my children’s future is extremely bright.

            I do feel sad for sheeple like you. Ones that browse social media and think they are woke or well read. You are a member of a lost population. You have no context in your place in history. Depending on your intelligence level you will one day look back on yourself and realize how ignorant and gullible you were as a youngster.

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