Alpental, WA Closed Yesterday Due to Huge Natural Inbound Avalanche

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alpental, Washington, avalanche
Credit: Facebook

Avalanche danger is high in the Alpental valley. Just after noon Tuesday, Rock Face was naturally triggered and slid big, running all the way down to the magic carpet carrying a massive amount of debris and force.

alpental, avalanche
An inbound avalanche closed the resort. Credit: Facebook

The resort is currently closed and the uphill travel policy is still active, meaning uphill travel is strictly prohibited. For the safety of yourself and others, do not tour or hike up Alpental.

alpnetal, avalanche, Washington
Credit: Facebook

The pro patrol team are active on the mountain tomorrow doing control work so it’s very important to steer clear of the entire permit area of the ski area. We also highly recommend avoiding any backcountry travel in the greater Alpental Valley.

Thank you, and stay safe fellow skiers and boarders.

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