47-Acres of Land for 38 Custom Homes at Base of Alpine Meadows, CA on Market for $15-Million

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47-acres of land at the base of Alpine Meadows, CA, with approvals already in place for the development of 38 custom homes, is on the market for $15-million.

The property, called Alpenglow, can also be purchased and developed as a single estate with multiple accessory dwellings and its own private facilities, according to Tahoe Mountain Realty.

A west coast rarity, Alpenglow is the last private mountain resort development opportunity adjacent to a major ski resort.

This secluded property is unlike any residential land development opportunity remaining in Tahoe, Jackson Hole, Deer Valley, Park City, Sun Valley, Aspen, Vail, or Whistler Blackcomb.

alpine meadows,
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The land is minutes from 6,000 skiable acres at Alpine Meadows and Olympic Valley, has on-site access to trails, and is surrounded by U.S. Forest Service land proximate to Granite Chief Wilderness. Views of the backside of KT-22 and Headwall can be seen from the property to the west. The eastern edge of the property borders U.S. Forest Service lands, with trails connecting to Page Meadows and the Tahoe Rim Trail.

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Alpenglow will have car-free access to 6,000 acres of ski, mountain biking and hiking terrain. With a private entrance from Alpine Meadows Road, the development will be able to utilize in-resort shuttle services and the base-to-base gondola that is planned for connecting the Alpine Meadows and Olympic Valley base areas of Palisades Tahoe.

“The real estate market in Tahoe-Truckee has shown a tremendous appetite for new construction, modern architecture, highly amenitized communities and proximity to all that the region has to offer. All of these features afford a certain lifestyle that align exactly with the potential in Alpenglow. The fact that this parcel exists where it does—so close to the Alpine Meadows base area—with county approval makes it a remarkable opportunity for developers interested in creating the first new residential neighborhood within Alpine Meadows in decades.”

– Jeff Brown, owner of Tahoe Mountain Realty

Tahoe Mountain Realty said Alpine Meadows valley has not seen new building in a generation. Alpenglow has an approved subdivision tentative map, certified Environmental Impact Report and Conditional Use Permit.

alpine meadows,
Credit: TMR

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8 thoughts on “47-Acres of Land for 38 Custom Homes at Base of Alpine Meadows, CA on Market for $15-Million

  1. Amen back brother, well said and truth.
    Put down the devices and make face to face contact with people, amazing how truly magnificent that can be, even when wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and show appreciation to overworked and highly stresed health care professionals.
    As I have said before American politics, the best politics money can buy.

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    People need to be aware of how polarized and biased their sources are. There should be laws written that require a more balanced approach.

    Universities should go back to their roots and encourage debate and testing of different ideas. The education system has become a place where too much of one side gets the majority of the air space.

    People need to be more civil and willing to discuss and hear each other out. Debate is a good thing and allows for hybrid ideas to be discussed and adopted. People should move to seek a middle ground.

    Republicans should drop stupid positions like denying climate change, get over abortion rights, and stop fighting healthcare. Dem’s should get over other extreme socialists ideas and remember a strong growing economy is what allows America to pay for everyone’s nice stuff. Both sides should agree to close all the ridiculous loopholes that allow Billionaires to grow their wealth at such an extremely low tax rate. We need to get big money out of politics, which is why these loopholes have been created by both Dem’s and Rep’s.

    Fixing social media and other forms of media would solve a lot of our divisiveness.

    Getting big money out of politics is going to be much harder to do. Everyone needs to acknowledge both sides and both parties are equally guilty on this one.

  3. How we come together? Excellent question actually
    Best answer is through kindness, thoughfulness and consideration of other people’s opinions…er wait that is the actual definition of a liberal thinker, so that actually doesn’t work in this highly opinionated and divisive political and media driven society.
    Apologies, my bad.
    But yah best to put ego aside and be kind, hard to do for a lot of up-tighty whities who have everything at their disposal and want to tell us all about it.

  4. Amen brother.

    Education 1st. We need to understand the problems. Then we can fix them. Too much of the conversation is just media hysteria.

    Lets focus on the things that are actually going to move the needle.

    Read this article. China is ramping up coal production. No amount of Sierra Watch stopped developments or paper straws is going to reverse carbon production on this scale:


    Imagine how much more of an impact the Sierra Club could have if they were tackling the big carbon producers.

  5. Exactly. But some of these folks are our friends when we’re in the lift line. How do we come together to work on $hit?

  6. Until the eniviro’s turn their political might and funds towards getting China/India dancing to the same tune, all their efforts to clean up America will be in vein. I’m all for cleaning up the planet. Focus on the big stuff that will actually solve the world’s problem. Not just create inflated real estate prices in California.

    Whatever it is you do… simpleton

  7. Continual overdevelopment equals
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    Keep the laughs comin

  8. Proof environMENTAList red tape and activities by local NIMBY activists help make the small amounts of developable land around ski resort EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE AND EXTREMELY VALUABLE.
    Get Sierra Watch and all the other whiny monkeys t’d up. Sue these rich developers. Eventually they will win and then they will be forced to sell their homes to even richer bay area tech people. The Cycle continues.

    Keep doin what you’re doing dingbats. Prices and the skiing experience are only going to keep getting worse and worse. The trend will continue. Get excited for 20-30 years from now.

    Opening new ski resorts is the only way to make the skiing lifestyle affordable and not so crowded like it used to be.

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