Alpine Meadows = Better Than Squaw Right Now

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Wolverine Bowl and Summit Chair today

Alpine Meadows opened today for 2013/14 winter season.  Right off the bat, there was powder everywhere.  Thin powder with hidden rocks underneath, but still damn fun.  By 10am, the powder was mostly chewed up but the chopped up snow was great for riding fast.

alpine meadows
Good chopped up snow under Round House chair.

By the afternoon, the powdery zones had turned into soft, low altitude moguls and the constant skiing dug up the rocks that were hiding earlier in the day.  Riding up the chair, you could hear people hitting rocks with frequency.

alpine meadows
Upper Alpine Bowl today and groomer

The groomers were good all day.  The crowds were never bad.  There were no lift lines and most crowd had left by noon.

ski park
Mini park.

It was a great day and there’s no doubt that Alpine is better than Squaw right now.  Squaw is still fun, but Alpine’s a touch better.  It’s nice to be able to ski top to bottom over and over on the Summit chair.  Alpine had Round House, Kangaroo, Meadow, and Summit chair running with a mini park as well.

conditions report
Right under the Summit chair was good powder in the morning.

Squaw opened the Far East chair today along with the run that drops right underneath it.  It was pretty icy but cool to have another option.

snow sking
Sketchy trail leading to Wolverine Bowl
alpine meadows
Lake views at Alpine are quality
alpine meadows
Scott chair zone is a bit dry
no snow
Back of KT-22
alpine meadow
Wolverine Bowl today.

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