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13 thoughts on “Alpine Meadows May Lose Logo | Squaw Valley Logo to Replace It

  1. Has the person who wrote this article even been to Squaw or Alpine? Is that “Squallywood” sign picture supposed to be a joke, or do they genuinely believe that exists? Not to mention it isn’t Squaw, the mountain, that’s proposing all this nonsense, it’s KSL. Get mad at them and forget stigmatizing the other great terrain on 89.

    Either way, changing Alpine’s name to “The Meadows at Squaw” is a horrible idea that will suffer endless backlash from the locals.

  2. It’s incredibly funny to me that the fuss over branding is exactly that. The idea of wearing a brand seems so “anti-Alpine” to begin with. The mountain will not change. The traverses and short stashes will be there. I encourage the unity. It makes things more cohesive. Plus, skiing both places should be a pleasant and welcoming experience for all. If logo cohesiveness will be a step in that direction, I am all for it.

    As for the ski team uniform: welcome to the best ski club in America, Alpine! Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows FTW!

  3. I think an area should be called by the mountain that centers it. the name has to change when the ownership changes because it’s not the same place. Alpine hasn’t been Alpine to me in a very long while. so, twin peaks or something.

  4. Sad sad sad. Not that long ago they spoke about keeping AM’s identity, and now it’s going. (And they wonder why IOV sprung up and why they’re not trusted. Doh).

    Heed Whelan’s words in Moonshine – get it in writing.

  5. “Then I really liked how he pointed out skiing is terrific on the top ” two thirds” of both mountains, yet this weekend Alpine Meadows skied top to bottom off Summit Six. There is no downloading at Alpine thank goodness!”

    Who dear KSL didn’t notice this small detail?

  6. Yes! Let’s call AM something different and, shazam, everything will be fixed overnight!

    1. But if you don’t have any idea as how to run a mountain, but you do know how to market, what other options do you have?
      If marketing people don’t continue to market doesn’t their entire existence come into question?

  7. Heard through the grapevine Alpine will now be referred to as Squaw Meadows, as opposed to Squaw Valley up north. White Wolf will eventually become White Squaw. And once Vail purchases it, they will rename Tahoe “Vail West”.

  8. With poor snow (and lousy mtn ops/lack of snowmaking at Sqauw), destination tourists thought they were shunted off to an old time nearby crap ‘resort’ down the road.

    With this new logo change, tourists will now know that the old time crap ‘resort’ is actually Squaw too, and thet’s great for Squaw’s marketing, don’t you think? not.

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