Alpine-X: Indoor Resorts That Make Skiing Accessible to Everyone

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Alpine-X Skiers
Alpine-X Strives to make skiing accessible to everyone; image: @alpinexusa on Instagram

Alpine-X is the future of snowsports and plans to make snowsports accessible to everyone. With plans to build over 20 indoor snowsport facilities, Alpine-X will make entry-level snowsports accessible to even those whose geographical location may normally prohibit early exposure to skiing and snowboarding.

Alpine-X has plans to build all over the country, bringing snowsports to those who’ve never been exposed to them. Fairfax Peak is its first facility and is located just outside of Washington DC. The company is constantly looking to the future and hopes to have a facility in Dallas Texas in 2025. The resort will feature a hotel, restaurant, a terrain park with multiple runs with different difficulties, and even a “snowplay” area to encourage low-skill snow exposure. 

Alpine-X Ski Resort
Alpine-X indoor resort “trail map”; image: @alpinexusa on Instagram

Bode Miller, a multiple medal-winning Olympian and skiing legend has teamed up with the company and will serve as the Chief Innovation Officer. Miller shares the excitement with the company and hopes to bring skiing and snowboarding exposure to everyone.

“I believe in 10 to 15 years, we’ll look back on Alpine-X as the most impactful thing to happen to alpine sports in the last century.” –Bode Miller

The company is goal-oriented and looks to build a positive experience for guests and participants to build interest, excitement, and successful participation in snowsports. Alpine-X’s primary goals which focus on promoting success include: 

    • Growth: Grow snowsports from the “inside-out.” We do not replace outdoor resorts, we help build the consumer base for all snowsports.
    • Exposure: Remove the elitist stigma that can be associated with snowsports and introduce the opportunity and experience to new socio-economic and geographic groups.
    • Inclusion: Provide services and facilities that serve customers of all ages, skills, and income levels. Provide special perks to the local community.
    • Consistency: Provide a predictable and repeatable snowsports experience for families year-round regardless of outside weather conditions. Lodging and dining amenities offer the highest standard of quality and service that families can count on.

While focusing on building early exposure and curating excitement for snowsports, Alpine-X is also committed to environmental sustainability and the communities it serves. The company plans to minimize energy consumption and its carbon footprint as well as reinvest in and positively impact the local communities it serves.

“Our philosophy is to create safe and memorable entertainment experiences that positively impact our guests, our team members, our local communities, and the environment.  We are focused on bringing together diverse groups for shared, positive active experiences, which we believe results in a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive community.”

Alpine-X offers accessible skiing to anyone; image: @alpinexusa on Instagram

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