VIDEOS: Alta, UT Gets Biggest Storm of the Season:

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Alta, Utah just got hit by their biggest storm of the season.  They got 34″ of new snow out of this storm and it’s still coming down.  Alta now has a 95″ base and they’ve gotten 309″ of snowfall this season.

video from Alta yesterday from The Daily Pow

Our reporter Aaron Rice was in the Alta backcountry yesterday and couldn’t believe how deep it was.  His video is up top for proof.

“Amazing, old fashioned, Cottonwoods storm–the largest of the year–which ain’t sayin’ much in a year like this. Alta Collins weather station has an incredible 34 inches of storm snow as of this morning–almost 3 feet! Most other locations in the Cottonwood Canyons are around 2-2.5 feet.” – Utah Avalanche Center

Alta, UT yesterday.  photo:  alta
Alta, UT yesterday. photo: alta

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2 thoughts on “VIDEOS: Alta, UT Gets Biggest Storm of the Season:

  1. Man, I would never DELIBERATELY pre plan a trip there this late in the season…but if I knew about this storm ahead of time and could buy an affordable last minute plane ticket to SLC……was this a surprise storm out of nowhere or did they know it was coming?

    1. They knew a good cold storm was coming a few days in advance, but predictions were in the 6-12 range with some forecasters saying 8-16. nobody expected 3+ft

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