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Devil's Castle holding on to some very nice dry snow [Skier: First Chair Brian]
Devil’s Castle holding on to some very nice dry snow [Skier: First Chair Brian]
This is the last high pressure report I am going to write for a while. Alta started off the season great! big, consistent storms. However, in January and most of February we have been stuck under a massive high pressure ridge. One big storm snuck though in early January, but other than that our best days have been a quick refresher, some wind to smooth things out, and some legitimately great corn skiing. But come on! This is Alta, we don’t come here to ski 3″ of dense snow and corn, we come here to ski bottomless pow!

Long President's Day weekend lines
Long President’s Day weekend lines

This past weekend was one of the busiest for the ski industry as a whole. And while us spoiled Alta locals have been complaining, we still have considerable better conditions than much of California. So despite less than perfect conditions we still had a very busy weekend. However, the crowds were mostly short lived and only during the weekend.

"Too much High Pressure makes Homer Simpson go..." "Go Crazy?" " Don't mind if I do!!" Tele Bladeing Main Chute!
“Too much High Pressure make Homer Simpson go…” “Go Crazy?” ” Don’t mind if I do!!” Tele Bladeing Main Chute!

Alta ski patrol has done a great job getting all of our terrain open and spreading out the crowds. East Castle, Devils Castle, and Main Chute are all high elevation and North facing and have provided great snow and skiing!


24 hour snowfall: tr”
7 day snowfall: tr″
base: 65″
season snowfall: 205″


As I write this morning the tide is turning. It is currently snowing and we have picked up a quick inch or two. Honestly, today is probably not going to be the best day of skiing. The old snow is pretty hard, and I am thinking we will have some dust on crust going on out there. Let’s hope for some wind to make some deeper pockets out there.

It look like we will get 3-6″ by Saturday evening. After that we will have a brief warmup. But then comes the real patter change. This mega-ridge that has been totally crushing our winter should break down and we should be in more of a trough. In terms of predicting specific storms right now that is not possible. With a trough rather than a ridge though, we will now have a chance for some real snow storms!!! Bring on the miracle March!!

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