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2015-01-23 16.35.24
Alta is Magic, even under greybird conditions

Welcome to Junuary, where it’s sunny and 55 degrees at 8000ft! The snow is nice and soft on all but high north faces and there are onsies abound. Many thinner ridgelines have lost some snow due to wind and sun, but East faces (ie Backside) are skiing great in the morning, West great in the afternoon (ie West Rustler) and steep North faces (Hi Boy) are smooth, fast and chalky all day!

A bit thin on the ridgelines. getting into hiboy was tricky, but it was well worth it!
A bit thin on ridgelines. Getting into hiboy was tricky, but it was well worth it!

Though it took some work to make it into High Boy it was well worth it. it was smooth top to bottom for over 1000 vertical feet. This is how you get faceshots 14 days after the last storm!

Chris Volkman getting chalky faceshots on the way down hiboy
Chris Volkman getting chalky faceshots on the way down hiboy [Photo: Aaron Rice, Skier: Chris Volkman]
Today set many records for temperature. it was 55 degrees for much of the day at the base. I saw one report from wasatch weather weenies that read ” This is the highest 700 mb temperature ever recorded between December 17 and March 21 and in line with what we typically observe in mid June” That is warm!

55 Degrees!!
55 Degrees!!


24 hour snowfall: 0”
7 day snowfall: 0″
base: 64″
season snowfall: 190″


With all of January being high pressure save for one great 2+ft storm we are well accustomed to a lack of snow now. The next week looks to have a few (3 to be exact) weak systems pushing through. We should drop back to more seasonably temps and more cloud cover. However at this point none of the storms looks to be more than a few inches.

However I have learned how to forecast for the Wasatch and always be right, so here it goes… We will get 1-3″ from each storm with the chance for 4-6″ in favored locations (notice I am vague about where that is), And I wouldn’t be surprised if this storm surprises us and we get 7-12″. Perfect! Now we can get anywhere from 1-12 inches of snow and I can say I called it 😉

Screenshot 001

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