Alta, UT Conditions Report: Wildcat November Powder Day!

Miles Clark |
Big John, big boom. image: snowbrains

Report from November 27th, 2018

I showed up at Alta at about 10 am yesterday with my buddy Big John.

We weren’t expecting much, but in the back of my mind, I was hoping they open some new terrain – as they had the past 2 days (Ballroom on Sunday – West Rustler & Racetrack yesterday).

After a run or two, we discovered that the Westward Bound zone off Wildcat opened for the season yesterday and was skiing terrifically.

Big John laying into it under the Collins lift today. image: snowbrains

We skied lap after lap.

Tracking out mini valley after mini valley of fun, spongy powder.

I filmed Big John via follow camera all day and was very stoked to share the footage of a 250lb man making snow explode in every direction with you all before I realized that I’m a dunce and had the camera in the wrong mode and only filmed behind me all day…

Snow gun + powder tracks. image: snowbrains

Luckily, we got a couple of powder shots to share with you and rest, you’ll just have to take our word on.

Yesterday, was a very special day at Alta.  

Westward Bound rocks.

Fingers crossed they open something new tomorrow.

The forecast is looking excellent for Utah this week.

Headed back up to Alta right now!


image: alta, today


Alta forecast. image: noaa, today


Big John slash. image: snowbrains
Miles hill climb. image: big john
Slash. Big John. image: snowbrains
Mt. Superior. image: snowbrains
Chairlift geology explainations. image: snowbrains


The legendary Wildcat chair. image: snowbrains
The 3 year old rock skis took a bit of a beating today.

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