Alta, UT Report: 11-Inch Powder Day & Blue Skies!

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Happy Miles. image: snowbrains

Report from November 10, 2021

Alta opens on November 20

Alta, UT got 11” of new snow yesterday and last night.

We showed up at about 9 am and we were late.

The main parking lot was almost full.

I woke up at 6 am and checked the webcam, which revealed a train of headlamps marching up the mountain in the pitch black.

These Wasatch Warriors are fierce and they love their pow.

It’s impressive to see so many people getting after it.

11,000’ Mt. Baldy. image: snowbrains

The new snow today was dense – covering everything – with a layer of graupel on top that simply exploded when you hit it.

The mountain was good top to bottom with plenty of happy people were out there to enjoy it!

We skied three runs and had an absolute blast out there.

Today felt like winter.

Graupel explosion. image: snowbrains


While the UAC isn’t generating forecasts, former UAC avalanche forecaster Mark White has been submitting great avalanche observations:

image: UAC, 11/10/21


image: noaa, 11/10/2021


Mt. Superior. image: snowbrains
Miles in deep. image: snowbrains
Greely. image: snowbrains

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