Alta, UT Report: Awesome Late-April Powder Day | 425″ of Snow This Season!

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Report from April 23, 2022

Honestly, I didn’t expect much today.

I just got home from Alaska last night at midnight and it was kinda raining in Park City.

In the morning, Alta was reporting 12″ of new snow in the past 12 hours.

Collins chair nuketown. image: snowbrains

I slept in, thought about how the canyon lines would be long, and decided to show up at Alta at 1pm today.

I showed up boots on ready to go at 2:15pm.

No traffic up the canyon.

High Rustler entrance is good right now. image: snowbrains

The line for the Collins chair was longish when I showed up and it was dumping hard.

Really dumping hard.

On our 1st run we ripped down under the Collins chair – one of my favorite lines at Alta.

You know it’s good when there are cornices on cars. image: snowbrains

The snow was insanely good, soft, and fun.

I was blown away.

I thought it was gonna hot, sloppy, and a bit messy out there today.

This guy had no shirt on! image: snowbrains

It was none of those things.

It was full-on winter.

Dry, soft snow with no firm bottom anywhere.

Collins Chiar. image: snowbrains

For our 2nd run we hit High Rustler – arguably the best run at Alta.

It was money.

Top to bottom very soft chowder that skied like a dream.

Miles fired up on the chair. image: snowbrains

Back in line on the Collins chair I ran into my old buddy Daryn and his buddy Matt.

We all went for another Hi Boy.

Then another.

Happy chair. image: snowbrains

Then under the chair again.

We even saw a guy ripping powder in no shirt.

His upper body was so pissed off – I thought he was wearing a red jacket…

Dumping. image: snowbrains

I lost track of the runs but we ended it with an Eagles Nest variation that was “steep and rad”.

We skied right until 4:30pm and bolted out of the parking lot worried about the red snake down the canyon.

This guy on the bike beat us down the canyon. image: snowbrains

No red snake!

We zipped out of the canyon and up to a friends birthday party in great time.

Today was my favorite storm day of the season.

Back to springtime in SLC. image: snowbrains

Tomorrow is Alta’s last day of the season.

Alta has now seen 425″ of snowfall this season.

Thanks, Alta!

Snow Numbers

image: alta, 4/24/22


image: alta, 4/24/22


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