Alta, UT Report: Big Stoke For Big Flakes

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Alta Report
Big Flakes. Image: SnowBrains.

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Report from February 3, 2021

The guys had school and work this afternoon, so we got up early to get in some turns. We forgot to look at the forecast beforehand and were pleasantly surprised by some giant flakes! The snow was wet and the visibility was low, but we didn’t care because any new snow is good snow.

Alta Report
Calvin and Phil sun tanning… oh wait? Image: SnowBrains

We had so much fun exploring through the trees and cliffs off the Sugarloaf chair. We hit the Collins and Supreme chairs a couple times, but we found the best stuff back in Razor Back and into Devil’s Elbow. Today was awesome and thankfully it looks like there is more snow to come for the rest of the week!

Alta Report
Zooming. Image: SnowBrains.

Snow Numbers:

Alta Report
Image: Alta, 2/3/21


Alta Report
Image: NOAA, 2/3/21


Alta Report
Sending it! Image: SnowBrains.
Alta Report
Calvin and Phil cheesing. Image: SnowBrains.
Alta Report
Beautiful scenery. Image: SnowBrains.

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