Alta, UT Report: Chalky, Wind-Buffed, High Speed Laps on High Boy

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Report from December 18th, 2019

I skied Alta today.

There was simply no one there.

The skies were milky at times, clear at times.

The views were gorgeous and jagged.

Gnarl tree on skiers left of High Boy. image: snowbrains

The air was warm for Alta at around 30ºF.

I skied High Boy.

5 Times.

High Boy was skiing terrific and I never saw another person in it.

The snow was chalky and good and in between the very low amplitude moguls, shaved-chalk-wind-buff snow was depositing.

Looking down to SLC today. image: snowbrains

On speed-check turns, you’d get face-shots in there.

High Boy is such a great fall line and so long.

It really gives your legs a workout and is perfect for getting into ski shape this time of season.

Alta has been simply splendid the past week.

Gnarl tree on skiers right of High Boy. image: snowbrains

I’m off to Tahoe tomorrow, but I’ll be back for New Year’s Eve.

Martin will continue the reports all season long.

Alta is the place.


image: alta, 12/18/19


image: noaa, 12/18/19


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