Alta, UT Report – Late July Skiing On Devil’s Castle

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If you’re anything like me then at this point in the summer you’re probably really starting to notice the chemical imbalance in your brain probably due to the lack of pow. The wretched heat on top of it doesn’t help either.

But worry not – with enough effort, you can still find patches of snow with decent vertical to get your fix, you junky.

The apron
The Wasatch looking very green from the top of The Apron, a line situated in the center of Devil’s Castle at Alta Ski Area. Image: Martin Kuprianowicz

Last Friday, July 19th, I hiked up Alta Ski Area and made some turns down Devil’s castle. It’s starting to get patchy up there but turns are turns.

The Apron
Skier’s right on The Apron is still skiable in late July. Image: Martin Kuprianowicz

It’s still decent enough to ski but it won’t be for long. Pretty soon I’m going to have to start looking elsewhere for lines as the white stuff is disappearing fast. But until then, it’s still fair game.

So if you’re up in the mountains still trying to ride that winter high this summer, by all means, do. Be safe and have fun. Just make sure to pay no mind to the concerned looking individuals sharing the mountains this summer, who see you hiking through the forest with your skis, trying to figure out where on earth you could possibly be heading.

An aging snowcat at Alta on the hike up to Devil’s Castle. Image: Martin Kuprianowic
Alta Ski Area in the Summer
Descending through the serene forest of the Wasatch after a satisfying line. Image: Martin Kuprianowicz

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