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Report from February 14, 2020

I got into the Baldy Chutes at Alta Ski Area for the first time this season today.

Little Chute was firing.

It was wind-buffed and much, much softer than I expected it to be. 

So good I skied it twice. 

A quick twenty-minute hike and I found myself on top of Mt. Baldy overwhelmed with beautiful Wasatch vistas on this splendid bluebird day. 

Mt. Timpanogos looking lovely today from the top of Mt. Baldy at Alta Ski Area. Photo: SnowBrains

The first time I skied Little Chute today I took it easy, getting a feel for the snow. 

The snow was soft in there and made for fun, hard-slashing turns down the steep couloir.

The choke point was pretty narrow — narrower than I remembered. 

On round one, I slid through most of the choke point sideways. 

“It could definitely be straight-lined,” I thought. 

So I hiked back up for the real lap and did just that. 

Little Chute from the top. Photo: SnowBrains

I dropped in and did my best to keep my flow through the entire chute. 

I almost made it the whole length without stopping with only a split-second where I lost my balance and tipped over at the top of the choke point.

Then I pointed ’em straight through the crux and was greeted with soft, happy turns on the other end.

It was smooth sailing from there.

At the bottom of Little Chute I found myself a nice little treat: a fun, mid-sized cliff that was just begging for me to send it.

So I did.

There’s nothing more satisfying that looking up at the entirety of Little Chute from below right after slaying it top to bottom. 

Alta, you have my heart. 


Dog leg chute which is skier’s right of Little Chute. Soon. Photo: SnowBrains


A view of Salt Lake City from the top of Mt. Baldy today. Photo: SnowBrains


Bluebird. Photo: SnowBrains


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