Alta, UT Report: My 2 Favorite Runs at Alta – Main Chute + High Rustler

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Report from November 30, 2021

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Yesterday, we pulled off a repeat of Monday:

  • Hike up Mt. Baldy
  • Ski down Main Chute
  • Hike up to High Rustler
  • Ski down High Rustler

Main Chute & High Rustler are my 2 favorite runs at Alta…

Both runs were similar in chalky smooth goodness, but both runs were a little better on Monday…

Monday was the first day Main Chute had opened for the season and it was so smoooooth.

Yesterday, both Main and Hi-Boy had been a bit more beat up, had a few more moguls, and a lot more scrapped-out icy patches.

Both were still fun, but both were showing their age a bit yesterday.

We hit those two runs and headed home with a smile.

Alta is skiing great right now and the forecast is nothing but sun.

Get up here and ski before conditions get any weirder.

Snow Numbers

image: alta, 12/1/21

Weather Forecast

image: noaa, 11/30/21


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