Alta, UT Report: Shredding New Snow

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Alta report
Cheesing hard for new snow. Image: SnowBrains.

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Report from January 19, 2021

Utah finally got some new snow last night, so we made it up to Alta for first chair this morning. We got up to Alta around 8:30am, excited to get some turns in before the workday. For our first run, we took High Traverse and hit Greeley Bowl and Green Carpet. The snow was a little crusty at first, but we were able to find some really nice powder coming out of the bowl.

“Hi-Boy was fast and fun today with chalky, shaved ice snow and fun, technical skiing.”

– Miles Clark

It felt so good to finally shred some fresh powder. It hasn’t snowed in Utah for a couple weeks now, so today was awesome even though we could only fit in a couple hours this morning. Eventually, we maneuvered over to the Sugarloaf chair and side-stepped up the east side of Glory Hole.

We skied down into this beautiful bowl and had fun messing around on the backside of Sugarloaf. More new snow is in our future and it’s looking like it will be an awesome weekend to shred some gnar!

Alta Report
Fresh snow in Glory Hole. Image: SnowBrains.

Snow Numbers:

Alta Report
Image: Alta, 1/19/21


Alta Report
Image: NOAA, 1/19/21


Alta report
Stoked in new snow. Image: SnowBrains.
Alta Report
Sunnyside beauty. Image: SnowBrains.

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