Alta, UT Report: Smooth Skiing on High Rustler, Flipped Cars, & Biking Up Canyon w/ Skis

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Report from November 26, 2021

Brought to you by Alta Ski Area

Yesterday was a cruisy fun one up at Alta.

The groomers were fast and fun.

The off-piste was variable and getting moguled.

Car flipped in LCC. image: snowbrains

High Rustler was a bit of a hike up the Jitter Booter, but man it was worth it.

High Rustler was smooth and fun right from the top.

Definitely the best run of the day.

Biking up the canyon. image: snowbrains

Be careful out there – despite the dry roads, there was a car flipped on its side coming up the canyon.

We also saw a guy riding his bike up the canyon with skis on his back – strong.

Chairs open:

  • Collins
  • Wildcat
  • Sugarloaf
  • Sunnyside
Mt. Superior. image: snowbrains

Alta is skiing great right now and if you’re willing to do a little extra work, there are a few gems out there.

The forecast is high and dry for at least the next week – maybe two – so get out there now before things get even weirder.

Daryn hiking up the Jitter Booter. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: alta, 11/27/21

Weather Forecast:

image: noaa, 11/27/21


Alta. image: snowbrains
High Rustler. image: snowbrains
Looking down High Rustler. image: snowbrains
Daryn and his typical sauciness. image: snowbrains
Bunny! image: snowbrains

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