Alta, UT Report: The Preseason Stoke Is Real

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Report from Saturday 2nd November 2019

One day bleeds into next in anticipation of the ski season. But when the snow starts falling we get moving.

Alta Ski Area received another foot of snow last week as winter continues to poke its head out from under the covers in Little Cottonwood canyon. All that new snow got us real hot and bothered so we went for a ski down North Rustler.

High boy
A view of Mt. Superior from the top of High Boy.

We made our way to the top of High Boy where we’d start the descent down North Rustler. The fun begins

Coming down North Rustler, we navigated the shoulder sending small preseason cliffs and slashing powder.

North Rustler

The snow was light and dry, making for that classic Utah powder. It was deep in spots and especially soft in the shaded parts of the run. It felt like any mid-winter’s pow lap.

Sending airs where we could and slashing powder-coated rollers, we were back doing what we love most.

By the bottom of the line, we were reminded of just how epic this winter is going to be, and we left hungry. Hungry for more.

Alta preseason shred
Sending North Rustler in the preseason. Credit: Skier Tom

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7 thoughts on “Alta, UT Report: The Preseason Stoke Is Real

    1. Probably didn’t want to compromise his pro status and lose his goggle sponsorship. However “sending airs and slashing powder rollers” on an 18 inch base of blower will probably derail his career first.

  1. Despite your best efforts at editing this post, the accompanying picture still shows you douche-holing the skintrack. Just out of curiosity, were you carrying a beacon, shovel, probe? Or was your pack filled with a cotton hoodie, a few PBR tall boys, and your vape pen?

  2. As a snowboarder I think skiers are sensitive weenies about their skin tracks but as a splitboarder…come on!

  3. It’s not a bootpack…You’re bootpacking on a skin-track. Way to piss off all the other people trying to ski that day mon… I would have expected this from a first-timer but if you’re posting on this site you should know better.

  4. Jah! I’m so stoked I’m such an awesome skier writing for a rad ski website. I’m going to put up pictures of myself booting up skintrack!

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