Alta, UT Report: Tight & Spicy in Little Chute…

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Report from November 5, 2021

2-days ago, we saw Little Chute on 11,000′ Mt. Baldy at Alta from the top of Gunsight.

It was clearly narrow, it clearly had a mandatory air near the top, yet it wasn’t clear how the snow would be.

We decided we had to go ski it the next day and find out.

Little Chute in the middle, Main Chute on the left. image: snowbrains

Since we weren’t confident in the snow quality, we chose to boot up it from the bottom and scope things out as we went.

We hiked up to near the top of the chute where a 4-foot mandatory air guarded against topping out.

The snow was in a word: bad.

Martin grinding up. image: snowbrains

A sometimes supportable, sometimes breakable, always sketchy crust that engendered exactly zero confidence.

Check out some of the moves my skis do as I try to turn down this beast…

On one of my last turns, my skis clank together loudly truly encapsulating just want the experience was like from a ski’s point of view.

Spray. image: snowbrains

What’s really amazing is that someone skied this chute from the top and hucked the mandatory air to bad snow a couple of days ago.


We’ve got a couple more ideas for good clean fun in the Wasatch the next few days but, man, we could sure use a refresh. Can’t complain tho. The coverage on north faces is sublime for this time of year.

Thanks, Utah!

Martin in Little. image: snowbrains


We didn’t see any avalanche activity nor instability at Alta today. 

While the UAC isn’t generating forecasts, former UAC avalanche forecaster Mark White has been submitting great avalanche observations:

image: UAC, 11/5/21


image: noaa, 11/6/21

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