Alta Ski Area, UT, Has the Most Snow of Any Ski Resort on Earth

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Woah! Alta has had a DEEP start to 2022/23. Credit: Resort

Not only does Utah have the Greatest Snow on Earth, but it also has the most snow on Earth. 

Consistent snowfall since November has taken Alta Ski Area, UT, passed 300″ for the season and planted them firmly at the top of the ‘snowiest ski resort on Earth’ charts.

As of this morning, Monday, January 9th, 2023, Alta has received 333″ this season and has a 115″ base. Elsewhere in North America, the only other resorts to have surpassed 300″ are Utah’s Brighton (331″) and Snowbird (311″).

Europe is suffering a dry winter, with several resorts closing due to a lack of snow. There are no resorts close to 300″ of snow this season. Saas-Fee, in Switzerland, has the most snow in Europe and has received over 261″ of snow since October.

In Japan, famous for its deep powder, the ski area reporting the most snow is Rusutsu, with a little over 260″.

For the Greatest and Most Snow on Earth, Utah is where it’s at.

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14 thoughts on “Alta Ski Area, UT, Has the Most Snow of Any Ski Resort on Earth

  1. Yes, Utah does great at marketing… probably because they fall behind Colorado. No doubt Alta is amazing but 12″ at Alta compared to 12″ at Steamboat Springs has Steamboat winning. Steamboat has that champagne powder snow that just makes the skis float over top and the day over the top.

  2. It is absolutely true I’ve skied both Alta and Snowbird and you can’t beat that Champaign powder it’s the great Salt Lake that pulls a lot of the moisture out of the air before it hits the Wasatch usually California is a little bit warmer which is nice too!

  3. As a former Utah native who grew up skiing Alta and Utah pow and has been skiing the Sierras for the last 20 years, Utah snow will ALWAYS WIN!! I’ve skied Mammoth, great mountain had good snow days, but the best Sierra powder is equal to average powder in UT, there is just too much water the Sierra snow for it to ever challenge the dry snow in UT.

  4. Come on boarders, your not allowed in Alta. It’s the adult ski area. I’ve skied both areas. Mammoth is bigger, but the snow is wetter. Alta has the best snow on earth. Been all over Europe, the west coast, all over New England as well. Nothing like the West ridge between Alta and Snowbird. Sorry Cali, but science is science.

  5. Serria Cement not blower powder, glad you have snow, is the greatest snow , but don’t come

  6. Alta has received 333″ at the base and should be about 375 by Wed, then another big storm coming a couple days later. Could be 400 by mid next week!

  7. Also just checked mammoths press release – just hit 270 inches – at main lodge. That’s the main base area lol. So Utah is comparing their peak to mammoths base

  8. Mammoth has way more than Utah this year I’ve been following daily. Utah must be counting at it’s peak vs mammoth at mid mountain.

    Literally whenever I see Utah getting 2 feet mammoth gets 4 and Tahoe gets 3.5. mammoth getting another 5 today/tomorrow adding to their 2 sat/sun

    For the last 10 years I’m always hearing about how great Utah’s snow is and how much they get etc. Utah just big into marketing to ppl flying in from other areas. The 8 times I’ve been there it’s the same as anywhere else it just depends on the temps at time of snow and afterwards.

  9. Mammoth over 360 in at top over 30 ft . with more this week ,,,247 Ytd at base main lodge …. To busy to update website hahhahha

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