Alterra Mountain Company Expects To Sell 250,000 Ikon Passes This Season

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Ikon Pass Resorts. Image: Ikon Pass Facebook

According to The Sun Herald, Alterra Mountain Company expects to sell 250,000 Ikon Passes this season. This is especially impressive, as it’s a first-year product. The pass is the first multi-resort rival to Vail’s Epic Pass.

““We had high expectations and I’d say those have been exceeded,” stated Bob Stinchcomb, Alterra’s head of sales.

Park City Mountain, UT. Image: Epic Pass Facebook

The Epic pass has also reported a 25% increase in units and a 15% increase in sales dollars in comparison to last season at this time. That increase can partially be attributed to their $99 Military Pass. Either way, both pass options are converting individuals that hadn’t had passes in the past to pass holders.

CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures. Image: Danny Stoffel/Ikon Pass Facebook

These increases are a great sign for the state of the industry. Although, if Ikon Passes continue to grow while Epic Passes drop, it will imply that there’s a stagnant supply of skiers. We’re hoping that both passes continue to grow for the sake of the ski industry.

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