Alyeska AK, Conditions Report: 7″ Itch & Cold(er)

Paulie | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Roundhouse/Tramway overlook amidst creeper cloud.

Recent days of hang-about cloud kindly gifted Alyeska Resort with much appreciated fresh fall and occasional periods of bamboozling fog. Resort specs. report the additional 7 inches to raise upper mtn. snowpack to 112 inches to date.

Soupy low viz kept outer areas closed while sifty, super-cold mini-crystals rushed to collect atop otherwise boilerplate groomers. Shoulder piste zones offered soft-topped hardpack seemingly best suited for the quiver’s wider rides, and relatively sparse skier numbers supported the happy impression that one had the slopes all to themselves. 

Recent snow & colder temps. means Seek and Enjoy mission status at Alyeska. Ralph Kristopher photo

Post a few puckered punches into the flat light of Silvertip, I stuck mainly to the trees dividing South Edge from Mambo. Lower Mambo to Denali, particularly, was a smile-inducing span of workable fun.

In tight w/the trees during recent low fog.

Temps. seemed to bite as sunlight faded, luring most skiers into one (or more) of Alyeska’s many comfy dine and/or drink locations.

Aprés vistas from Bore Tide Bar & Grill.

Bottomline: skiing’s fast–and sometimes ice hard–but everybody’s smilin’ to be slidin’ nonetheless.

This is Paulie at Girdwood advising: get out and SKI!


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