Alyeska, AK Conditions Report: Cloud Surfin’

Paulie | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Dusk atop GBX
View to a thrill; dropping inversion at Alyeska.

Been hunting sugar dunes amidst the cloud layercake that is Mount Alyeska. Arrival of cold temps. and solid skier traffic has loosed the snowpack’s surface layer, creating top to bottom mounds of dry, mini-crystal sugar; suberb for enjoyable groomer cruisin.’

Meanwhile, pow hunters have been hard at work throughout the off-piste zones.

Fun to be found on-piste…and not.
R. Kristopher photo
Night ski
Dustings under cover of darkness.

Brief dashings of previous day’s overnight flurries have padded High and Low Traverse zones as well as BLK diamond runs, Citation, Peel Off, White and Black Fridays. In fact, I found myself sub-consciously returning to Black Friday almost every lap. Swooping the topography of that grippy, not-too-hard not-too-soft line was, to me, a return to the soul roots of all carving sport–a sensation translatable regardless of discipline.

A hard won groomer lane slip-slides its way in-between runs, Silvertip Face and Ptarmigan Gully and, if timed right, can channel into a nearly deserted Lower Bowl. The clouds close-in at that lower mountain height. Mid-Ted’s Express and downward is a chilly, grey-scale zoom. But the lingering lower temps. also promise to preserve conditions while Alyeska awaits its next freshfall.

This is Paulie, at Girdwood, advising: get out and SKI!



Resort-posted current figures.



A look ahead…

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