Alyeska, AK Conditions Report: Cold, Fast, and Fresh

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Hot laps on a cold night.
Night ski at Alyeska; evenings made better by freshies Dec. 30.

A very snow-friendly forecast has got AK crews amping.

The long-awaited slash
Snow gets better in late December. Ralph Kristopher photo

The first of several expected fronts have brought long-awaited fresh fall to Mount Alyeska slopes, a celebrated conditions improvement upon day&night ski operations. The holiday dates have seen season-premier openings at outer areas, High Traverse as well as North Face (to Spoonline cutoff) but, in fairness, the mainstay trails claim today’s go-to snow.

Upper runs, Dogleg and Mambo caught fun pow-pocket accummulation while lower mountain trail, Rollover quickly plumped to become a tidy, cut-and-run dash to the daylodge.

The growing snowpack is light, rip-able and expected to hang about over the New Year’s. So tell the boss you’re…

No work, all play
A fine way to pass a Saturday…


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7 day forecast
…good news inbound.



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