Alyeska AK, Conditions Report: Radiant

Paulie | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Alyeska Resort shimmers under late week, cloudless skies.

Like all previous seasonal aspects, there continues two versions to Alyeska Resort‘s 2018 winter song.

Early (and late) daytime hours find snow firm to say the least but, much like the Oreo Cookie, the middle is softened, playful fun. With shadow lines in retreat, and full sun lingering longer and longer, the storied faces of Mount Alyeska have quickly set to the rythmes of spring-fling skiing.

This day’s hour of rush.

Crowds are scarce, temps are up and, finally, lenses other than ‘lowlight’ begin to make appearance.

Top-to-bottom North Face laps beckoned today’s skiers, especially when accessed from recently opened chute, Ragdoll before descent along coveted Knuckles route. And Alyeska outer area, High Traverse too opened its ropes to today’s delights.

Light breeze did tickle lower pines, meaning a persistantly crisp snowpack despite bright, warm sun but, by late day, skiers and boarders at Alyeska Resort were all smiles as topmost layers transformed to “groom-smasher” corn. But ripper take warning: variability here has teeth that bite.

Hoppin’ good fun at the Great Land.
Ralph Kristopher photo

Windward faces and shadowy places harbor strange, surprising patches of slate; perfect for sending the unaware for a ride unintended.

This is Paulie at Girdwood advising: edges on, and SKI!


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