Alyeska, AK Conditions Report: Refreshed

Paulie | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Up into the storm
Thursday’s front marks week-long snow prognosis at Alyeska, AK.

Scattered voices were heard to rate today’s skiing at Mount Alyeska as the best of the season to date.

A dense mass of storm cloud took up early residence atop lift, Glacier Bowl Express, distributing small persistent flakes across the mountain’s faces via erratic, punchy gusts. Naturally, a low viz layer accompanied the incoming weather, adding that special thrill of blind-faith to runs, Gail’s Gully, Prospector, Chilkoot Ridge, and the entire span of Silvertip. But braving vertigo was well worth the reward.

Rush hour at Girdwood
Conditions to get the boys hootin’

Diving through ruff-house wind and occasional white out led to the trees of Silvertip Face Tucking beside those dim shapes revealed a continuous billowed bank of cold, clean goodness that, in the closeness of the storm, seemed to lead off the ski-map and into parts unknown.

The slopes were practically empty and swirling flakes quickly filled earlier tracks, leaving fresh line reloads nearly anywhere one roamed. In summary; snow fell playfully, the terrain under ski was soft, and everyone out there shared the same grin.

Have kit, will travel
Travelin’ essentials

Also worth smiling about is commencement of Town League, 2018. Alyeska’s weekly snow-bananza is the epitome of ski town color raced at the pace of friendly rivalry, and not to be missed.  

Closing note: be sure to check Seward HWY road conditions when travelling to Girdwood and Alyeska Resort, especially during winter weather cycles.

This is Paulie, at Girdwood, advising: get out and SKI!


Current specs.
Resort-posted current figures



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