Alyeska, AK Report: 678″ of Snowfall This Season & Counting…

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Report from April 8, 2021

Alyeska has gotten 678″ of snowfall this season which is the most in North America and likely the most on Earth this season.

Another storm is gonna hit Alyeska starting this weekend that might take them over the 700″ mark…

Alyeska is open from 11 am to 6 pm right now to maximize light, which made me feel much better about showing up at 1 pm today!

Gorgeous views of Turnagain Arm and more. image: snowbrains

It was a gorgeous day today with sun, clouds, and wind.

Skiing down to the wildly varying tides (up to 20′) of the Turnagain Arm is such a cool experience.

It’s not every day that you ski down to the ocean.

Ripping down. image: snowbrains

Alyeska saw 1″ of new snow overnight but it wasn’t quite enough to cover up the firm snow underneath so I kept the groomers and they were awesome.

The top to bottom groomers takes over three minutes to ski and feels like forever.

There was simply no one out today and I had the place to myself and it was gorgeous out.

Crowded out there! image: snowbrains

I skied lap after lap of empty groomers, never waited in line, and was constantly wowed by the view.

There’s a high wind warning for today, tonight, and tomorrow.

As I was leaving, you could see the wind ripping insatiably on the high peaks across the arm…

Rolling into Alyeska today. image: snowbrains

Tomorrow is gonna be a wild one!

Then be ready for some big snow next week hopefully.

Snow Numbers:

image: alyeska, 4/8/21


The extended 7-day forecast for Alyeska. Credit: NOAA


Top of Glacier Bowl Express. image: snowbrains
Looking east. image: snowbrains
Glacier Bowl Express and one skier. image: snowbrains

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