Alyeska Conditions Report: A Natural Terrain Park

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Last week finally provided some much needed quality skiing at Alyeska. Finally we received a couple small storms, dumping a couple inches of snow here and there. This was just enough snow to soften things up a bit and allowed for riders to get more creative on our natural terrain. Watch this video as local ripper Colin Gordon makes the best of our dust on crust snow conditions.

Scott Rich poppin a small dust on crust pillow in the backcountry. Photo by Photographer Corey Anderson

Besides our small snow storms we’ve been receiving, the snow makers have succeeded on getting all the groomers on the lower mountain open. This was nothing short of a miracle since there has only been a couple weeks that allowed for snowmaking this winter. They have been working hard!

Currently another tropical storm is bombarding us with wind and rain. Today (monday) chair six is currently closed due to weather. Alyeska just can’t catch a break from this wacky weather. Every time we make a step forward the weather brings us two steps back. The snow line is hovering around 1600 feet and higher. This is promising for the backcountry but not so much for the resort. We can only hope this storm cools down in the interior and comes back as snow. The rest of the week is looking much of the same as today, wind and rain. At least there will be some great slush skiing at the resort!

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