Alyeska Resort, AK: A 3 Day Blast!

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Chad- cliff drop
Chad sending some newly opened terrain.


With low pressure systems battling for position over Alaska they finally made their way into the chilly air while holding plenty of moisture.

winter weather adv-2
Even the weathermen couldn’t predict this


Expecting a near miss for anything big or just a few inches. The system was mind-blowing.  It started snowing hard!

The snow started early in the evening firing the stoke.  Night skiing was getting better and better with soft snow blanketing the hard moguls born of the cold high pressure thats been engulfing Alaska.

Free refills!” were the words of the evening and skiing the bumps got better and better.  As night skiing came to a close and the snow kept falling, it was time for sweet dreams of fluffy light powder.

Conner getting some goods on the Bear Cub Quad during night skiing
Conner getting some hot pow on the Bear Cub Quad during night skiing

For many looking forward to the weekend the powder sickness was setting in.  Overhearing plans to take a sick day from school or work seamed to be the proper thing to do for these powder hounds.

I woke up early to ski the light fluffy “Utah” pow that can be a rarity for our maritime snowpack.

The first Day!


I made it to the Java House for my morning coffee and to peruse the scene.  At about 8:15am, there were plenty of excited kids waiting for the lifts to open, their skis positioned in the maze for hopes of the first chair on Ted’s Express.

Waiting for hours to snag first chair

With 2 hours before the lifts open, I placed my skis in line hoping for second chair on the lift.  I was also hoping the high speed quad would be faster at reaching the upper mountain.  It did!

The lines grew and folks smiled ear to ear.  As we waited to ride skis and helmets were getting buried in the snow that continued to fall.

The crowd was growing full of excitement
The crowd was growing and full of excitement

After a fast ride to the upper mountain and racing to the Glacier Bowl Express with my lift buddy’s I had made a few extra turns in the sweet, silent, soft 18″s of blower powder.  Making it to the lift after the other riders I loaded a chair by myself  and headed to the top.

Flying high on the lift I see my buddy Brian at the ski demo booth’s at the tram terminal.  As he saw me as a single on the lift, he yell’s “no friends on a powder day… right Jeffrey“!?  I laughed, and shook my head yes, saying “at least for a couple runs“.

Demos on a storm day!
Demos on a storm day!

The snow was light, fluffy and forgiving from the top all the way to the base.  I stayed on the upper mountain and skied the gullies while some of my friends crushed the lower mountain with no crowds, seemingly having their own personal powder day.

Patrol worked hard all day pulling bamboo and rope lines squeezing in more powder for the people.  Opening and widening new terrain was the name of the game.

I skied for a few hours and skipped lunch in the packed Bore Tide Bar at the upper tram terminal.  Leaving the upper mountain was hard. But I reached the Sitzmark for food and a beverage to celebrate my day.  I then left with enough energy to come back and ski the powder refill we were about to receive!   It was still snowing!!!

A face full of an awesome day!
A face full of an awesome day!

Apres at the Sitzmark that evening was the band “I Like Robots” they played and mixed up 80’s tunes for a fun filled dance party loosening up our bodies to some of the great ol’ tunes you might have thought you’d never hear again.

I Like Robots. What a great dance party!
I Like Robots. What a great dance party!

The next morning was deep and still felt bottomless most places.  With lots terrain features still showing, the snow created a play-land of cliffs, kickers, and booters.  Many people were sending it in the hero snow with little fear of a hard crash. People seamed to be skiing at their limits.

New terrain was everywhere so the powder lasted all day!





base of 4 line
Looking at the lineup after the first load
sarah- pow smile
Sarah’s big powder smile
Maxwell- pow tenaka
Maxwell getting some on the newly opened Tanaka run
The beginning of a good day!
Chad- kicker
Chad sending the Alders
racer girl shred pow 2
Powder for racing!
Cole- reflection
Just can’t hide that smile today!


Patiently waiting for the goods








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