Alyeska Resort, AK First Ski Area in North America to Get 500″ of Snow This Season

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500″. Already. Wow. Credit: sam_kikuchi via Alyeska Facebook

Alyeska Resort in Alaska is having one hell of a season. It’s absolutely dumping up there and showing no signs of stopping.

31″ yesterday, and 40″ in 48-hours, took the resort passed a remarkable milestone – the first resort in North America to surpass 500″, that’s 42-feet, of fresh snow this season. Incredible…

500″. 42-feet. That’s enough to bury a Brachiosaurus. Or two giraffes stood on top of each other. Or eight Danny DeVitos.

Giraffes love popping pillows and Hucking cliffs, don’t you know?! Credit: wonderopolis

Alyeska has exceeded 500″ three times in the last ten years. In 2015/16 they reported 785″ of snow, in 11/12 733″, and in 10/11 581″.

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Credit: Alyeska

The resort has a 180″ base, also the most in North America.

What happens when a resort gets so much snow? You get there as quickly as possible! Our Utah-based powder-starved editor will be there next week, sampling the goods at what is currently the powder capital of North America. Watch out for our reports…

It’s not stopping any time soon… Credit: NOAA

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