Alyeska Resort, AK = 51-FEET of Snowfall This Season | Most Snow in North America By Far

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Alyeska, AK buried in 50" of new snow yesterday. photo: alyeska
Alyeska, AK buried in 50″ of new snow yesterday. photo: alyeska

To say that Alyeska ski resort in Alaska has been going off would be an understatement.

Alyeska just saw 50″ of new snow in the past 2-days bringing their season snowfall totals to 613″ (51-feet).  Whoa…

613″ of snow already and it’s only February.  They have a 151″ base up top.

Alyeska obviously has gotten the most snowfall in North America (maybe the world) this season with the runner up being Mt. Baker, WA at somewhere around 450″.

Alyeska on Friday. photo: alyeska
Alyeska last week. photo: alyeska

A fierce storm clobbered Alyeska this weekend with so much snow and wind that Alyeska wasn’t able to open up yesterday.  Today, the mountain will open late at 1pm and it will be a powder paradise.

On February 16th, Alyeska was able to open up it’s famous ‘hike-to’ Headwall terrain that hasn’t been open for a few years.  This terrain is sick and rowdy and where freeskiing competitions have been held in the past.

“I’ve never seen so many smiles and high-fives for a hike!” – Alyeska employee, Feb. 17th, 2016

"Headwall" at Alyeska. photo: mountain yahoos
“Headwall” terrain at Alyeska is burly. photo: mountain yahoos

If there was ever a year to go to Alaska, this is the year.

“It’s a 600″ party at Alyeska Today! This last storm has dropped significant snow above mid mountain. The 2 day snow fall at the top of GBX is 50″. Snow Safety & Patrol are working to re-open the mountain There will be a delayed opening today. We will open the mountain at 1 pm today. Wax up your fat skis and call in well, there’s heaps of snow up top!” – Alyeska, today

The forecast the next 5 days if for nothing but snow.  

Alyeska’s record snow year was 2011/12 when the got 978″ of snowfall.  Maybe this will be the year they get 1,000″…

Alyeska forecast.
Alyeska forecast.

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4 thoughts on “Alyeska Resort, AK = 51-FEET of Snowfall This Season | Most Snow in North America By Far

  1. That’s the Glacier Bowl face of Center Ridge. I’ve seen them open a traverse on that face from the top of the Glacier Bowl hike in order to get on to Center Ridge with less hiking than would be required from the Chilkoot Knoll. Fun to traverse in pins with leather boots!

  2. Measurements are from mid mountain. So actually Mt. Baker has more base by a long shot. Photo is not of the headwall but of Glacier Bowl which is never ever open for skiing.

  3. Maybe so, but around my house at the base of Alyeska is two inches of ice on top of the bare ground. This winter has been nothing but rain.

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